Future Driven – Episode 20: Joey Gilkey

Future Driven – Episode 20: Joey Gilkey

Future Driven – Episode 20: Joey Gilkey 1920 1080 Adam Kopp

Welcome to episode 20 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Joey Gilkey, founder of Sales Driven Agency. Joey is committed to using his valuable career experiences to help other agencies build successful sales operations.

After working for nonprofit organizations, Joey joined the corporate world and gained a wealth of helpful sales operations knowledge. He then changed courses and began working with two small businesses as the Vice President of Sales before making the decision to work solely for himself. Joey first built an outsourced sales agency called Tribe that he has since sold, and then founded his current consulting firm, Sales Driven Agency. Now with his own podcast and several other endeavors, he is focused on growing his business while helping others grow theirs.

Future Driven is hosted by Adam Kopp, CEO of the strategic marketing agency, Madak. In each episode, Adam talks to a different industry leader, discussing their careers, leadership styles, and goals for the future.


0:45: Adam introduces Joey Gilkey, founder of both Tribe and Sales Driven Agency.

1:30: Joey shares a bit about his background and how he got to where he is today.

5:10: When did you decide to work for yourself and start your first company, Tribe?

6:00: A more in-depth description of what Sales Driven Agency does.

7:10: What are the sizes of the companies you normally work with?

8:00: Joey talks about the kinds of agencies and clients he works with.

9:00: Adam asks Joey about his new endeavor “Best Damn Agency Masterminds”.

11:00: Joey goes deeper into what this group does — virtual meetings, special trainings, workshops, and anti-retreats.

15:45: Adam asks for some background and additional info about Joey’s podcast Best Damn Agency.

18:00: What personal business style have you developed / how do you blend marketing and sales into one experience that people are perceptive to?

21:00: Joey talks a bit about his company’s size and culture.

24:25: What does your future look like in the next 5-10 years?

26:55: “In 10 years from now, if I’m worth 50 million, if I’m happy, and if the people around me admire me for the man that I am, then I’m doing good.”

29:25: Joey shares more about the great things that come from joining Masterminds, and about how passion projects are incredibly important to him.


This week we heard from Joey Gilkey, founder of Sales Driven Agency, Best Damn Agency Masterminds, and Best Damn Agency podcast. With an abundance of experience in both the high-stakes corporate world and the growth-based environments of smaller businesses, Joey is well-suited to help agencies craft successful sales processes.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joeygilkey/
Sales Driven Agency: https://salesdrivenagency.com/

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