Future Driven – Episode 21: Kerry Carter

Future Driven – Episode 21: Kerry Carter

Future Driven – Episode 21: Kerry Carter 1920 1080 Adam Kopp

Welcome to episode 21 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Kerry Carter, a former NFL and CFL player who is currently Chief Operating Officer at Atavus. Kerry uses his years of experience on and off the field to help coaches and players learn how to make tackling safer and more effective.

After moving on from Stanford in 2003, Kerry played for the Seattle Seahawks for three years until being picked up by the Washington Football Team (formerly known as the Washington Redskins). Eventually, Kerry was drafted by the Montreal Alouettes and finished out his football career with them in 2011. After transitioning into the world of business with his ventures, JumpIt Media and Apex Agency, Kerry joined Atavus, a tackling analytics company.

Future Driven is hosted by Adam Kopp, CEO of the strategic marketing agency, Madak. In each episode, Adam talks to different industry leaders, discussing their careers, leadership styles, and goals for the future.


0:50: Adam introduces Kerry Carter, a former NFL and CFL player and current Chief Operating Officer at Atavus.

1:30: Kerry shares a bit about the journey he’s been on as a football player and as a professional in the world of technology and business.

5:40: Kerry talks about some of the difficulties associated with leaving behind a football career and why it’s so important to have other prospects that give you purpose and financial stability.

7:50:  What happened after you moved back to Seattle in 2011?

10:17: Adam asks what Kerry did in the years before joining Atavus. 

15:30: Adam goes more in-depth into what Atavus is and talks about his own experience working there.

17:15: What exactly is Atavus, what are they doing now, and what does the current mission look like?

19:40: Kerry talks about the different positions he has had in Atavus and how he has applied his unique skill sets and experiences.

20:55: What are some of the colleges that Atavus has worked with over the years?

23:25: In the past five years, have you seen a difference in the game of football as a result of awareness surrounding concussions and CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy)?

28:15: Adam shares more about his time at Atavus and Kerry notes that “the goal of Atavus is to be the standard of tackling.”

31:30: “We’re trying to provide this way of thinking about [tackling] and understanding it, so wherever it breaks down, you can pinpoint that rather than the end result.”

32:25: What is the future of Atavus?


This week we heard from Kerry Carter, a former professional football player who currently works with Atavus to change the way we think about tackling. With years of experience both on the football field and in the world of marketing, technology, event planning, and more, Kerry’s skillsets align perfectly with Atavus’s mission. In the future, Kerry hopes that Atavus will be the golden standard of tackling across all levels of the sport.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kerry-carter-0235401b/
Atavus: https://atavus.com/

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