Future Driven – Episode 25: Mark Davis

Future Driven – Episode 25: Mark Davis

Future Driven – Episode 25: Mark Davis 1920 1080 Adam Kopp

Welcome to episode 25 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Mark Davis, founder of Hero Creative. Mark’s creative agency provides top-tier services to its clients and contributes to philanthropic causes such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

After high school, Mark followed his passion for aviation sports such as paragliding, base jumping, and skydiving. He taught and competed in this space for about a decade, and then began working in a corporate marketing and sales organization and moved up quickly. Some years later, he had a revelation about his life and his purpose and quit his job to begin Hero Creative and do philanthropic work. Mark’s creative agency now works closely with clients to build websites, create logos and brand identities, shoot commercials, guide start-ups, and much more.

Future Driven is hosted by Adam Kopp, CEO of the strategic marketing agency, Madak. In each episode, Adam talks to different industry leaders, discussing their careers, leadership styles, and goals for the future.


0:40: Adam introduces Mark Davis, founder of Hero Creative.

1:20: Mark tells us a bit about his career background.

4:50: Mark shares the revelation that got him out of the corporate world.

8:40: What kind of agency is Hero Creative?

11:50: What year did you figure out how you fit into the agency space?

14:30: Did the pandemic impact your business at all?

17:20: Can you explain how you select clients, what your onboarding process looks like, and what you do for your clients?

21:00: What project management system do you use?

22:20: Mark goes more in-depth into what services Hero Creative offers its clients.

26:20: Mark shares the backstory of Hero Creative and how he came up with the name.

30:30: What do you have planned for the future?


This week we heard from Mark Davis, founder of the creative agency Hero Creative. Mark is dedicated to providing the best services to his clients using a mixture of art and science. Agency profits also help support philanthropic efforts that make the world a better place.


LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/marktimothydavis
Website: session7media.com  

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